This article is a nuclear. You can help Free Pokemon Wiki by expanding it. The Normal type is considered to be one of the best types defensively, as it has only a single weakness and one immunity. Having only one weakness makes up for its lack of resistances, as it causes only the Stats of the Pokémon to be involved in determining damage, and many Normal-type Pokémon have high stats defensively. Offensively, the type performs similarly. There are only two types that resist Normal-type moves, and one type which is immune. When facing Pokémon with no resistance to their moves, Normal-type Pokémon can often deal high amounts of damage with a combination of high stats and same-type attack bonus.

The majority of Normal-type Pokémon do not have a second type. Almost all Normal-type Pokémon with two types are Normal/Flying, with the notable exceptions of Girafarig, which is Normal/Psychic, and Bibarel, which is Normal/Water type.

Single-type Normal Pokémon generally have a wide variety of moves available to them. Most can learn at least one move of the Fire-, Ice-, and Electric types, for example.

There are also many Normal-types that rely on an unusual "gimmick" strategy; these include Ditto, the Porygon family, Smeargle, Spinda, Castform, Kecleon, and Arceus. Thus, the Normal type could be thought of as the nonspecializing "default" type.

When used in contests, Normal-type moves do not favor a particular contest type.